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If you’ve read anything anywhere about Hong Kong, it will come as no surprise to you that there is a plethora of amazing food options in this city. From super high end fine dining, to fresh and tasty fast food to budget Michelin starred restaurants (yes, you did not misread that).

Below are the 5 things I would strongly advise eating whilst in this foodie mecca.

Pork Buns – Tim Ho Wan (Central)

Tim Ho Wan is a Michellin starred restaurant for the budget savvy. High on flavour but easy on your travelling funds, these Pork Buns are arguably some of the best you’ll find in Hong Kong. With carefully balanced sweet and savoury flavours, these sticky-middled morsels will make your tummy very happy. Be aware, one order will bring three of these pork buns your way. So, don’t over order, like I did. Or do, and be in the very difficult position of eating a lot more pork buns than you probably should. Oops.

Eggplant with Seafood in Teriyaki Sauce AND Shanghai Soup Dumplings with Black Truffle – DimDimSum (Wan Chai)

DimDimSum might be part of a chain of dim sum restaurants but don’t let that put you off. This little gem of a restaurant serves up some seriously tasty dim sum, along with other mouth-watering bites. The eggplant with seafood was coated in a sticky teriyaki sauce that I could have quite frankly licked from the plate. The egg plant was perfectly cooked, and it was jam-packed full of prawny-seafoody goodness. And whilst I was lucky to experience the best soup dumplings in the world (my opinion) in Shanghai, DimDimSum’s truffle topped bad boys come in at a close second and, for the very reasonable price tag, definitely deserve a try. Beware though, all that soupy goodness might just explode all over you if you don’t get your soup dumpling eating ‘tekkers’ down. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Peking Duck – Spring Deer (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Good food in Hong Kong is not just confined to one side of the water. Over in Tsim Tsa Tsui there are options a-plenty. If you’re a fan of peking duck (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) then get yourself on that Star Ferry across to Spring Duck: a restaurant packed to the rafters with locals, resembling organised chaos in most endearing kind of way. Freshly cooked duck after freshly cooked duck is wheeled out of the kitchens in this massive restaurant, and sliced at your table by the proud chefs. It’s all the things good peking duck should be, and comes with all the delicious trimmings one would hope for. If they would let me bathe in the plum sauce they bring with it, I definitely would.

Egg Tart – Tai Cheong Bakery

Having conducted my own online foodie research before going on this trip, I was aware I was entering a part of the world that (due to historic Portuguese influence) would provide many an opportunity to eat an egg tart. I took trying all the egg tarts I could get my hands on (whilst in both Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau itself) very seriously. It’s cultural after all. And whilst there were some strong contenders (and slight differences due to the geographical locations of the egg tarts sampled) the one in Tai Cheong Bakery had a moreish crumbling pastry and eggy custard that was just sweet enough without being too much. These were pretty good value too and coupled with the bakery being located in a part of the city (not far from the central escalators) that is well worth a wander round, there really is no egg-cuse to miss these.

Think I’ve missed some seriously good foodie must eats? I’d love to know! Tweet, Instagram or Facebook me with your suggestions.

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