June 19, 2017 Helen

As an increasingly popular Mediterranean destination, there is no doubt that Croatia has much to offer visitors. From its picturesque coastlines, warm seas that are ideal for swimming in and even the charm (for a European) of visiting a country which still has its own currency, Croatia has certainly become my go to holiday suggestion for anyone looking for a week away in summer.

Stuck on where in Croatia to visit? Well, the beautiful fishing port of Rovinj is an ideal pick for those looking for a balance of history, culture and pure summer relaxation. From visiting St Euphemia Church, climbing the steps of the historic (and nerve wracking) bell tower, pottering through the streets of the old town or hiring bikes to explore the national park lined with beaches and perfect swimming spots, Rovinj provides variety and charm by the bucket load.

It is also heavily influenced by neighbouring Italy, so expect plenty of gelaterias and pizza or pasta restaurants. I would strongly advise trying the ‘truffle pasta’ from Santa Croce.

However, when embarking on this trip, I did not anticipate it would fulfil the foodie in me. But I was wrong. Whilst in Rovinj, I found one of the most exceptional and charming restaurants I’d ever eaten in. And no doubt, the best fresh Tuna I’d ever eaten. Tutto Bene is a small restaurant with most of its seating outside. Set on a cobble-paved incline in the centre of the town, the restaurant offers a great place to watch the world go by, whilst not being as overwhelmingly busy or ‘tourist orientated’ as some on harbourside. Tutto Benne professes to serve ‘Croatian food with a twist’.

Whatever the ‘twist’ is, I liked it very much. Everything I ate was delicious and the service was warm and friendly. But the tuna. Such good tuna. Seared perfectly with a crunchy seed coating.


Don’t Miss: The tuna. Did I mention that already?

Click here for more info and bookings for Tutto Bene.